Kim Into Darkness

The utterly mundane and yet somehow still considered After Dark weirdness of a very overweight horse.

The content of this site is more kinky than outright explicit. Regardless, there is some sporadic stuff that carries an 18+ rating. By proceeding you accept that you’re old enough to see this stuff, okay?

Character Profiles

The things you ought to know about the people you ought to know.

Expansive Stories

Weight gain, inflation and vore related short stories.
Because I’m weird like that.

Guest Art Gallery

Art of my characters, not by my characters.

How Fat Is Kim Right Now?

A dumb, sporadically updated page that tells you precisely how fat Kim G. Birdhorse is at this moment in time.

How Fat Is Alex Right Now?

A still dumb, but much more impressive real-time track of precisely how fat Alexander Grey is at this moment in time.

Diary of a Fatbat

An experiment in in-character blogging.
Ceased updating in 2011.

@kimintodarkness Discord server

A "behind the scenes" community server for discussing stories, the writing process, and fat animals.